The story of Gaëlle and Charlotte is a poignant reminder of the resilience and determination of refugees seeking safety and a new beginning. Fleeing intercommunal violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these women have overcome immense challenges to provide for their families in the Republic of the Congo. Gaëlle’s endeavor to sell bread and Charlotte’s fish selling business are not just means of survival but also acts of integration into their new community in Ngabé.

Their experiences highlight the broader context of displacement caused by violence and the complex journey refugees endure in search of peace. The communal spirit of Ngabé, where locals and refugees live side-by-side without the need for refugee camps, is a testament to human solidarity and the importance of welcoming those in need.

However, the situation also underscores the ongoing challenges in host communities, such as strained social services and infrastructure, which require significant support. The underfunding of UNHCR’s efforts to meet the needs of refugees and asylum-seekers in the Republic of the Congo further complicates the situation, emphasizing the need for global cooperation and support to address these crises effectively.