In the outskirts of Hudaydah, Yemen’s principal Red Sea port, 38-year-old widow and mother-of-three Nabiha is piecing together her life anew amidst the backdrop of ongoing conflict. Having been displaced multiple times due to the hostilities, she’s now focused on constructing a home to bring back some semblance of stability for her family.

Nabiha’s journey began in Al-Mokha, a city known for its historic involvement in the coffee trade, located 185 kilometers down the coast from Hudaydah. The loss of her husband to an explosion at his workplace in 2015 marked the start of a harrowing period for her and her family, prompting their flight to Hudaydah in search of safety. Yet, Hudaydah itself became a battleground, with violence escalating towards the end of 2017, significantly impacting civilians and infrastructure and forcing Nabiha to seek safety repeatedly within the city’s shifting frontlines.

The conflict in Yemen, now in its seventh year, has propelled millions into what is considered the world’s most severe humanitarian crisis, with women and children constituting the majority of the internally displaced. Nabiha, like many displaced women, faces the added challenges posed by Yemen’s patriarchal society, where women’s rights and opportunities are severely limited.

To support her family, Nabiha leverages the nursing skills passed on by her late husband, providing basic medical care and earning a modest income. Despite her efforts, the financial strain is palpable, with the family’s diet reduced to the bare minimum and Nabiha often foregoing meals to ensure her children have enough to eat. The food insecurity crisis in Yemen has left displaced families like hers on the brink of famine.

UNHCR’s cash assistance program has been a lifeline for Nabiha, enabling her to purchase land and start building a home away from the frontline. This endeavor, while modest, represents a beacon of hope for Nabiha, who dreams of a brighter future for her children, away from the hardships that have shadowed their lives. Her aspirations for their education and independence underscore a mother’s unwavering commitment to her children’s well-being and success, even in the face of overwhelming adversity.